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Comune di Castellabate  
comune castellabate
meteo Castellabate  
santa maria di castellabate  
Santa Maria di Castellabate
Castellabate earliest reference in literature is possible by Homer, but the written history of the territory is tied to Saint Costabile Gentilcore (St. Constabilis), fourth abbot of La Trinità della Cava. In 1123, the same year in which he was elevated to the position of abbot, he started construction on the Angel's Castle (10 October 1123), which afterwards became entitled to him. His title gave the village its present name: Castrum Abbatis, the castle of the abbot. His abbacy lasted until 17 February 1124. His successor, Simeon, completed its construction and helped the inhabitants. Later, Castellabate fell under the control of the barony of the Cilento. It then passed, in turn, to Caracciolo, Loffredo, Filomarino, Acquaviva, and finally the Granito family (who carried the title of marquis and later became princes by marriage) in 1745. Castellabate remained in the family of the Prince of Belmonte until the end of the feudal era.
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The nearest railway station is found at Agropoli. Served by numerous trains, which include Eurostar Italia, it is found on the route of Naples-Reggio Calabria. In terms of roads, it is served by the A3 Highway, which connects the town with the coast of Cilento. Access by sea is found at the port of San Marco di Castellabate.
camera doppia   Tourism
The town is a part of "Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park", which natural environment is composed of "Maquis", typical of mediterranean countries. It is strongly receptive for tourism, especially on summer, due to the simple links to Agropoli, Salerno and Naples and to the quality of its water; which give it the Blue Flag beach every year from 2003.

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Santa Maria lies in the central-northern side of Cilento, by Tyrrhenian Sea, and is extended from the zone of Lago to the beach of Pozzillo. The town is far 3 km from Castellabate, 12 from Agropoli, 20 from Acciaroli and 60 from Salerno. The town has a little harbour, the greatest port in the comune is on the nearer hamlet of San Marco.




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